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  • Israeli police stand next to a rocket that landed in the resort town of Eilat in southern Israel, early April 5, 2012. At least one rocket hit Eilat near the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, Israeli police said, causing no injuries. A police spokesperson said the rocket was likely launched from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. (Associated Press)

    Gaza militants say they'll adhere to cease-fire

    A Palestinian militant leader said Friday that his group is adhering to a cease-fire that stopped a barrage of rockets and air strikes between Israel and the Gaza Strip last month.

  • Illustration: Easter Earth

    KNIGHT: Christ's resurrection always invites media barrage

    With spring in the air, all but the truly soul-dead feel the pull of not only natural but spiritual renewal. The surge of new life after winter's dormancy is so magnificent that it can shake us to our core. Capricious breezes, the greening of the landscape and the cherry, redbud and dogwood blossoms peppering the woods like wedding lace bespeak - for the believer - a marvelous Maker. So, too, do more sobering events, such as powerful, deadly storms. All in all, it's conducive to probing what C.S. Lewis called "the deeper magic" of creation, life, death and resurrection.

  • Israel prepares for Passover festival

    Israelis cleaned their houses, cars and offices Monday and cooked furiously in preparation for the weeklong holiday of Passover, which marks the biblical story of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt.

  • A flourless carrot torte is a perfect dessert for a Passover Seder, and its pale orange color is especially inviting for springtime. A light sprinkling of hazelnuts, if desired, is sufficient as garnish. (Associated Press)

    Flourless torte a Seder treat

    The Seder, a celebration held during the first two nights of Passover, is a meal built around symbolic foods used to tell the story of the exodus of the Jews from enslavement under the ancient Pharaohs in Egypt.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stricter standards for religious recipes

    In the April 1 Food section, there was an article on a Passover tart by Michele Kayal that included an error critical for this religious occasion.

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