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  • Miss. PERS director against delaying '13th check'

    The head of the Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System says she opposes a bill that would make state and local government retirees wait until they're 65 to collect an annual cost-of-living adjustment known as the "13th check," even if they retire years earlier.

  • Pat Robertson: 'Murdering someone in cyberspace' is a 'virtual sin'

    Admitting that he's never played a video game before, televangelist Pat Robertson said Friday morning that murdering someone online in a video game is no different than committing the act in real life.

  • Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during the Faith & Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority 2013 conference on Saturday, June 15, 2013, in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

    Republican political stars woo waning Christian conservatives; preach message of inclusiveness

    Ralph Reed's now annual Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington last week drew a surprisingly small audience of mostly Protestant evangelical political activists — but still attracted a bevy of Republican political stars.

  • ** FILE ** U.S. President George H. Bush, left, stops to chat with evangelist Pat Robertson on the stops of the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, Thursday, July 23, 1992. Bush was at the Old Executive Office Building, located next to the White House, to tape an interview with Robertson. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

    Evangelical Pat Robertson honored as a trailblazer in faith, politics

    Pat Robertson, 83, who was honored Friday by the Faith and Freedom Coalition at its Washington gathering, carved out a unique political legacy of his own as a pioneer of Christian broadcasting, as an educator and as a standard-bearer for newly energized Christian conservative voters.

  • Rick Santorum

    Christian faithful to debate role, influence in GOP; weak turnout at polls raises alarm

    The argument among born-again Christians over their influence in American politics will rage once again at Ralph Reed's annual Faith & Freedom Coalition's three-day moveable talkfest that gets under way at prime locations Thursday in Washington.

  • Illustration Homosexual Agenda by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    EDITORIAL: The old abnormal

    The ABC Family cable channel's slogan is "A different kind of family." The programs it offers are different, sure enough, different from a family almost any other American family would recognize, and certainly different from the channel's programming when it was founded in an earlier century by the Rev. Pat Robertson.

  • Televangelist Pat Robertson

    Pat Robertson: Pot should be legal, like alcohol

    The Rev. Pat Robertson says marijuana should be legalized and treated like alcohol because the government's war on drugs has failed.

  • AP Interview: Robertson won't endorse candidates

    Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson took a tiny television station in southeast Virginia and turned it into a global network that helped him launch a presidential bid and become one of the nation's most influential conservative Christians. But as the televangelist's network turns 50 on Saturday, he says he's getting out of the political endorsement game.

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