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  • Chilling: In 2007, explorers in the oil-rich Arctic dropped two miniature submarines more than 2 miles beneath the ice at the North Pole to plant a Russian flag on the ocean floor. (Associated Press)

    U.S. Cold War rivals China, Russia step up challenges to Obama's Asia pivot

    Russia bullies Ukraine and pushes its claims to the North Pole, while Beijing beefs up naval patrols in the South China Sea and challenges U.S. allies on its borders. As the Obama administration attempts an ambitious reorientation of the nation's strategic and diplomatic focus, two regional powerhouses and former Cold War adversaries are showing themselves increasingly keen to challenge Washington's dominance on the world stage.

  • **FILE** Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou (Associated Press)

    Taiwanese president's re-election may sour U.S. arms sales

    U.S. officials have praised the re-election of Taiwan's president, even though it sets the island nation and longtime U.S. ally on course for closer ties with mainland China.

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