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  • Lebanese gather at the site of a car bomb explosion in a stronghold of the Shiite Hezbollah group at the southern suburb of Beirut Thursday. (Associated Press)

    Bombings, killing in Lebanon become common as Syrian fighting expands

    Syria's war is spilling into its neighborhood almost three years after it started, but nowhere is it doing more damage than in Lebanon, where bombings and assassinations have become routine and nearly 1 million refugees from the conflict are pushing the country to its breaking point.

  • ** FILE ** Anti-government protesters wave Bahraini flags Nov. 25, 2011, during a rally and march that drew tens of thousands to Maqsha, Bahrain, just outside the capital of Manama. Participants in the rally, organized by several opposition societies, waved Bahraini flags along with those of Arab spring countries Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt, while calling for the fall of the Bahraini government, freedom for prisoners and democracy in the Gulf island kingdom. (Associated Press)

    Arab Spring nations in turmoil once again

    What happened to the Arab Spring? The uprisings that swept dictators and autocratic regimes from power last year were supposed to have ushered in a new season of democracy. From Tunisia to Yemen, however, things have gone wrong.

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