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  • ** FILE ** Former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton (Associated Press)

    Inside the Ring

    Recent disclosures that North Korea is building a light-water reactor and centrifuge facility to produce uranium fuel for bombs has confirmed what critics say are significant failures of U.S. intelligence and diplomacy since 2002 to identify and halt Pyongyang's nuclear program.

  • President Obama talks about progress on the New START pact. On hand are former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (center), and Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman Marine Gen. James Cartwright (right). (Associated Press)

    Intel: No arms treaty means U.S. may divert satellites to cover Russia

    In the absence of a U.S.-Russian arms control treaty, the U.S. intelligence community is telling Congress it will need to focus more spy satellites over Russia that could be used to peer on other sites, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, to support the military.

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