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    In February 1946, George Orwell published another of his essays in the best British tradition. It was civilized, thoughtful and not without humor. It displayed a sense of the past and put the present in perspective. It was about murder.

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  • "Reagan had everything to gain everything in the eyes of the world if he had accepted the Reykjavik deal," Peggy Noonan wrote in "When Character Was King," her Reagan biography. "He would have been celebrated by history, known the pleasure of having given the world a gift of extraordinary and undreamed-of progress. But he wouldn't do it. He didn't think it was right. And because he didn't do it, the Soviet Union finally fell."

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  • "The logic of Romney's fundraising has seemed, for some time, slightly crazy," conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote recently. "He's raising money so he can pile it in at the end, with ads. But at the end will they make much difference?"

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