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  • Penn Jillette says he's glad Tenn. lost Miss USA

    Magician and Miss USA judge Penn Jillette says he's happy a pageant queen from Tennessee fell short to Miss California USA Alyssa Campanella because her onstage answer to a question about burning Qurans ran afoul of the First Amendment.

  • BOOK REVIEW: The perfect bathroom book - no, seriously

    The foreword to "The Bible of Unspeakable Truths" was penned by magician and television personality Penn Jillette. In just less than three pages, he does almost everything one possibly could do to persuade the discerning reader not to bother with this book.

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  • Penn Jillette of the Cato Institute once said that the Democrats are the Party of Hatred and the Republicans are the Party of Fear.

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  • Magician and Miss USA judge Penn Jillette wrote on Twitter that Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham "negated the whole First Amendment" while answering a question about burning Qurans and that he was "glad to help her lose" the competition.

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