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  • Inside China

    The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il touched off an instant media frenzy inside China, a state that proudly proclaimed North Korea to be its closest ideological and geopolitical ally.

  • The Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag undergoes its second round of sea trials in the Yellow Sea. Michele Flournoy, the Pentagon's undersecretary of defense for policy, says it has been "anticipated for a while." (Digital Globe)

    Inside the Ring

    At the recent U.S.-Chinese defense talks in Beijing, the subject of the Pentagon's new Air Sea Battle Concept, a program to counter China's growing anti-access and area denial weapons, was not discussed.

  • Inside China

    "There is no international water within the South [China] Sea." So stated the official news outlets of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee, the People's Daily and its subsidiary the Global Times on Monday.

  • Huawei made its presence at a wireless trade show in Las Vegas this year. Some in Congress fear the Chinese telecommunications giant, said to have ties to China's military, poses a risk to national security with its deal to supply components to a supercomputer lab that is a defense contractor. (Associated Press)

    Chinese telecom firm tied to spy ministry

    A U.S. intelligence report for the first time links China's largest telecommunications company to Beijing's KGB-like intelligence service and says the company recently received nearly a quarter-billion dollars from the Chinese government.

  • **FILE** Two F-16 jet fighters (Associated Press)

    Obama agrees to sell arms to Taiwan

    President Obama has decided to sell a new arms package to Taiwan that will likely include weapons and equipment to upgrade the island's F-16 jets, according to administration and congressional officials.

  • Inside the Ring

    A Chinese warship fired a high-powered beam of light that disrupted the vision of crew members aboard a U.S. Navy surveillance ship operating in international waters in 2008.

  • Inside China

    China's spectacular military modernization has moved at a dizzying pace in the last two decades, and one constant demand from the United States is for the Chinese military to increase "transparency" and disclose its strategic intentions and defense goals.

  • **FILE** A warship launches a missile during a military drill in July 2010 of the South China Sea Fleet of the People's Liberation Army's navy in the South China Sea. (Xinhua News Agency via Associated Press)

    China expanding its nuclear stockpile

    China is expanding its nuclear forces with a new multiwarhead mobile missile and keeps its strategic stockpiles in deep underground bunkers, the Pentagon disclosed in its annual report to Congress on the Chinese military.

  • Inside China

    Chinese Gen. Xiong Guangkai, a longtime military intelligence chief who recently retired, has published an article that says the reason much of the world views China's rise as a threat is the result of those in the West mistranslating a Chinese phrase on Beijing's strategy.

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