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  • NFLPA: Owners' contract proposal was 'switcheroo'

    The NFL Players Association says labor negotiations broke down last week because the owners' last proposal would have made salaries a fixed cost and eliminated the players' chance to share in higher-than-projected revenue growth.

  • NFLPA head De Smith says he won't take salary

    NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith says he won't take a salary during the league's lockout.

  • NFL players say Goodell attempted to 'divide'

    NFL players and their leadership tried to make a few things perfectly clear Friday:

  • No respect for Kendall

    Pete Kendall is one of the NFL's most reliable players. An 11-year starter with the Seahawks, Cardinals and Jets, Kendall has missed just 17 games. He's so dependable that he has endured several numbing injections in his thumb to stay in the Jets lineup.

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