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David Stockman, budget director for President Reagan, sees tough decisions for President Obama's deficit commission as it prepares a final report.

    Value-added tax, or VAT, back as proposal to solve revenue ills

    Seven months after the Senate knocked down the idea of a value-added tax, the VAT is back on the table -- one of a host of familiar proposals that has been recycled as a proposed answer to the nation's financial problems.

  • Allison Shelley/The Washington Times
New Mexico Sen. Pete V. Domenici is the latest Republican lawmaker to reject the administration's Iraq war strategy, refusing to heed President Bush's call to delay judgment until the fall military report.

    White House rolls with Domenici punch

    The White House yesterday dismissed the defection of another senior Republican lawmaker, Sen. Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, and again asked lawmakers to hold off judgment on President Bush's "surge" plan in Iraq until military advisers report back in September.

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