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    ''Whether success or failure attends you," wrote British admiral Sir Edward Seymour in the late 19th century, "England nearly always approves an officer who has evidently done his best. You have only to do what seems proper, and if it turns out badly, it is the fault of Nature for not having made you cleverer." Adm. Seymour was not involved in the Franco-British campaign against Turkey in World War I, but his spirit was very much present.

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  • "The Turkish dead lay so thick that it was almost impossible to pass without treading on their bodies," he wrote. "The stench was awful. The Turkish doctor gave me some pieces of wool on which he poured some scent and asked me to put them into my nostrils.... Everywhere lay the dead - swollen, black and hideous - and over all a nauseating stench that made one feel desperately sick."

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