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  • Don't empty the cup on floor

    NEW YORK -- In the past nine months, passengers have been kicked off airplanes or detained at airports for uncontrolled coughing, joking about hijacking, breast-feeding a baby, kissing and other amorous activities, cursing at flight attendants who denied them alcohol, failing to get a screaming child buckled in for takeoff, and carrying a sippy cup of water.

  • Don't empty the cup on floor


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  • "The Republican Party has no choice but to work on party unity. Right now, the party is decimated — conservatives on one side, tea party on the other. No one knows what the party is anymore," Mr. Shankman tells Inside the Beltway. "And in the end, that hurt them in the election. They need to come together and figure out what they are, and start telling the world their story in one voice. Until they can do that, people don't know what the party is."

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