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  • Let the word of God grow in your heart, encourages Pope

    In his Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the scene of the Transfiguration, emphasizing the importance of listening to God, especially in scripture, and of sharing the Gospel with others.

  • 'Winter's Tale' mixes two genres to create one awful mess

    The tagline on the “Winter’s Tale” poster reads: “This is not a true story; it’s a love story” … which makes as much sense as this mess of a film.

  • **FILE** Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican (Associated Press)

    King won't talk with prostitute in Secret Service case

    The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is refusing to meet with a Colombian prostitute involved in the U.S. Secret Service scandal.

  • Joshua Graham's `Darkroom' is haunting tale

    "Darkroom" (Howard Books), by Joshua Graham: Memories of the Vietnam War and terrible secrets buried over 35 years ago propel "Darkroom," a haunting tale from Joshua Graham.

  • Chris Denham and Nicole Vicius co-star in "Sound of my Voice," a sci-fi film involving infiltrating a cult. (Fox Searchlight)

    MOVIE REVIEW: 'Sound of My Voice'

    Made on a budget of next to nothing, with no special effects, "Sound of My Voice" is one of those movies which, like gymnastics routines, is entitled to a "degree of difficulty" rating.

  • Mortgage Q&A: New loan rule hurts consumers

    After bouncing around like a pinball, the new mortgage loan originator compensation rule finally has become a reality. The rule is designed to deter "steering," the practice of a loan originator directing a customer to a lender that offers unfavorable mortgage terms.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Lovers'

    One of Vendela Vida's talents is picking out details with magpie skill, going for those that glitter evocatively of locations and states of mind. In "The Lovers," she deploys this virtuoso gift to explore the life of Yvonne, a widowed history teacher from Burlington, Vt., who is vacationing in Turkey.

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