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  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘Consider the Fork’

    As the tone of its main title implies, "Consider the Fork" is casual fare, a tapas bar rather than the banquet suggested in the subtitle. Bee Wilson calls this "an exploration of the way the implements we use in the kitchen affect what we eat, how we eat and what we feel about what we eat. Food is the great human universal Some live without sex, that other fact of life.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'A Voice from Old New York'

    If Louis Auchincloss' forebears rolled over in their manicured graves when his novels came out, they can stop worrying now that his posthumous memoir has appeared. The most shocking outrage herein happened to the author himself, at boarding school.

  • BOOKS: Two historic towns and madness

    Two books make fascinating forays into a storied corner of New England and two occult worlds — contemporary and colonial — with special reference to ancient witchcraft, modern sociopathology and that timeless element of the human condition, evil.

  • BOOKS: 'Tears in the Darkness'

    Deeply researched and finely documented, "Tears in the Darkness" is written brilliantly in lucid prose with pacing that propels the unwilling reader.

  • BOOKS: 'The Man Who Loved Books Too Much'

    Judging by the number of individual objects stolen one by one, the world's busiest thief may be John Gilkey. Day in and day out, he stole rare books, many of them worth five figures.

  • BOOKS: 'Fatal Journey: The Final Expedition of Henry Hudson'

    In 1610, Henry Hudson was at the top of his game, A-Rod in the North Atlantic all-stars, a Werner von Braun in the richest international competition of his time, the race to corner Europe's spice trade.

  • BOOKS: Deeper than 'you are what you eat'

    Forget the trope "you are what you eat." Two new books demonstrate that cuisine is what made us human in the first place.

  • BOOKS: A fishing town and travelers' trek

    Fishing ain't all lies, bluster and luck.

  • BOOKS: 'The Art of the Heist'

    "The Art of the Heist" might be a sign of our times: Act badly enough and someone will offer you a book contract, and if you can't write yourself they'll even hire a ghost.

  • BOOKS: 'Vanished Smile' and 'The Gardner Heist'

    A curator friend used to say of Monet and Renoir that "If they hadn't invented Impressionism, others would have. Something was in the air."

  • Telling the tale of the mysterious and moody marshes


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