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  • ** FILE ** Maryland State Sen. E.J. Pipkin, a Republican whose district includes parts of four Eastern Shore counties, talks during the Senate session at the statehouse in Annapolis, Md., in this Thursday, Jan. 12, 2006 file photo. Pipkin issued a news release Wednesday Nov. 28, 2007, saying he will be making a "major announcement" about his political future in Maryland on Thursday. (AP Photo/Chris Gardner, File)

    Conservative Maryland lawmakers win a skirmish on sprawl limits

    Conservative lawmakers have won a skirmish in what they call a "War on Rural Maryland," getting state officials to delay implementing a land-development plan until a Senate committee has its say.

  • Democrats dominate Virginia map lawsuit

    Five of the six plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking to throw control of Virginia's congressional redistricting process to the courts have either contributed to or worked for Democrats in the past decade, despite claims that the legal action is not linked to the party.

  • Slovakia doctors threaten to leave over low pay

    Slovakia has declared a state of emergency in more than a dozen hospitals to ensure that health care is not compromised after thousands of doctors resigned from public hospitals over low pay.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trading Obama for Romney no big change

    Hearing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie say how difficult it will be to defeat the worst president in history and then supporting the candidate closest to President Obama's mindset makes me wonder if Mr. Christie slept too close to one of those big pods from the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ("Romney gets endorsement from Christie," Web, Oct. 11).

  • Inside Politics

    The top GOP aide to a House committee investigating Solyndra Inc. once worked for a lobbying firm that helped the now-bankrupt solar-panel company apply for a half-billion-dollar federal loan.

  • Illustration: Obamacare rationing by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    WOLF: Bye-bye, Berwick

    Obamacare is the Kryptonite of American politics: Not even Superman himself could survive touching this truly terrible law. Witness the latest voluntary victim of President Obama's race toward socialized medicine: one Dr. Donald M. Berwick. Few are more deserving than he. Obamacare is heading for the ash heap of history, where it belongs, and so are the politicians who forced it upon an unwilling America. Good riddance.

  • Republican National Committee
The Republican National Committee's official "Take Back the White House" Christmas tree ornament is among the holiday offerings at gopstore.com.

    Inside the Beltway

    Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is more like Ronald Reagan than any of his rivals, according to a new survey of Republican voters in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire - an indicator that could reveal the power of nostalgia, not to mention the emotionally charged leanings of skittish conservatives.

  • Illustration: Missile defense

    FEULNER: Meeting the missile threat

    With Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issuing threats about America's planned missile defense for Europe, it may be time to remind the Obama administration why we need such defenses in the first place - in Europe and elsewhere.

  • Illustration: Isolationism

    GAFFNEY: The isolationist delusion

    I had an unsettling flashback last week listening to two of the Republican presidential candidates talk about foreign policy. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. espoused isolationist stances that called to mind one of the most preposterous public-policy debates in decades.

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