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  • Kindergarten teacher Nick Brooks calls on eager students who raise their hands during a lesson in his classroom on the first day of school at DC Scholars Public Charter School in Southeast on Monday. A couple of accidents involving school buses marred the morning for some students, but there were no serious injuries. (Photographs by Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Reign of Error'

    Everyone from President Obama to Sen. Rand Paul agrees: education reform is the "civil rights issue of our time." Americans today view education reformers with the same degree of moral deference we give to the civil rights reformers of the 1960s. Folks imagine that our starry-eyed Teachers For America (TFA) are shock troops in the war for social justice, that our charter schools are no longer letting poverty be an excuse and that the Department of Education is unleashing an unprecedented wave of entrepreneurship to close the achievement gap.

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