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    With the 2012 Republican National Convention having sent its candidate forward and the Democratic National Convention set to do the same, this year's presidential campaign enters its most focused and fevered phase. Candidates, voters and dedicated observers of this vaunted political ritual would do well to take a deep breath and pick up a copy of "How to Win an Election," the advice Quintus Tullius Cicero sent his brother Marcus in 64 BC when the latter ran for consul, the highest office in the Roman republic.

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  • Quintus writes: "But, you might say, what about the other candidates, Antonius and Catiline?

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  • Quintus writes, "To my brother Marcus, 1. Although you already have all the skills a man can possess through natural ability, experience, and hard work, because of the affection we have for one another I would like to share with you what I have been thinking about night and day concerning your upcoming campaign. It's not that you need my advice, but such affairs can seem so chaotic that it's sometimes best to lay things out in one place in a logical order."

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