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  • The GM-Carnegie Mellon Collaborative Research Labs' self-driving sport utility vehicle called Boss, a robotized Chevrolet Tahoe, goes through its paces loaded with equipment that allows it to operate without a driver. (Carnegie Mellon University)

    Self-driving car on road out of science fiction

    The idea of a car that drives itself was viewed until recently as some high-tech nerd's daydream or even the stuff of science fiction, but it may not be that long before a driverless car is idling at an intersection near you.

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  • "You may be able to catch up with some work, read e-mails and newspapers while the vehicle maneuvers through the traffic safely. When the slow-moving traffic clears, the vehicle beeps, and it is ready to be driven manually," he said.

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  • "Imagine a situation in which you and your family visit a shopping mall," he said. "When you reach the entrance of the mall, you take out your phone and ask your car to park itself. After you finish shopping, you can ask your car to come back to the mall entrance. The car then self-starts and comes to the entrance. You then need to change the driving mode to manual before you embark on any other trips."

    Self-driving car on road out of science fiction →

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