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Topic - Rashaida

The Rashaida or Rashaayda (also see Bani Rasheed) (Arabic: بني رشيد, الرشايدة) are an Arab tribe populating Eritrea and north-east Sudan. In 1846, many Rashaida migrated from Hejaz in present day Saudi Arabia into what is now Eritrea and north-east Sudan after tribal warfare had broken out in their homeland. The Rashaida (which means refugee) of Sudan and Eritrea live in close proximity with the Beja people. Large numbers of Bani Rasheed are also found on the Arabian Peninsula. They are related to the Banu Abs tribe. The Rashaida are Arabs who kept their traditional dress, culture, customs, camel breeds and religion (Sunni Islam). The racing camel breeds of the Rashaida tribe are prized all over Sudan and the Arabian Peninsula and fetch very high prices. The Rashaida speak Hejazi Arabic. - Source: Wikipedia

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