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  • Aleksandrov-Gundavaa after 22. Nd4-f3.

    SANDS: A royal conundrum: What to do about the king?

    The beginning player is taught that the primary objectives of opening play are to develop the pieces and get the king castled safely. More sophisticated players know that in many modern opening lines, those rules, particularly about the king, are made to be broken. Sometimes, those sophisticated players would be wise to play like the beginners.

  • Barbosa-Chaithanyaa after 25. g2-g4.

    SANDS: U.S. youths in action at home and abroad

    School's out for the summer, but some of the country's best young chess players aren't exactly kicking back and taking it easy. Florida GM Ray Robson, the reigning U.S. junior champ, is in the thick of the fight for the world junior title, being contested in Chennai, India. The 16-year-old Robson, seeded sixth, started strongly with two wins and a draw before dropping a point to Russian IM Aleksey Goganov. Play continues through the end of this week.

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