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  • Heavy Price: Relatives mourn Maj. German Mendez, one of two Colombian police officers killed last month by rebels in the port town of Tumaco. Guerrillas pay $1,000 to anyone who kills a cop, police say. (REUTERS)

    U.S. helping Colombia quell Marxist guerrilla group

    This impoverished port town on the Pacific coast has become ground zero for the Colombian government's U.S.-funded efforts to quell a Marxist guerrilla rebellion and eradicate the drug trade, which serves as the group's main source of financing.

  • Alleged army cyberspying on Colombia negotiators

    President Juan Manuel Santos said Tuesday that enemies of his government's efforts to make peace with leftist rebels may have been behind reported spying by members of an elite army cyber-unit on the digital communications of government negotiators.

  • Guinea-Bissau army chief charged with aiding FARC

    The head of the Guinea-Bissau Armed Forces has been charged in federal court in New York with conspiring with a South America-based terrorist organization to sell weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, to be used against U.S. military forces and to import narcotics into the United States.

  • Michele M. Leonhart

    DEA breaks up suspected Colombia/Guinea-Bissau drug ring

    U.S. drug agents have disrupted a suspected major drug smuggling operation accused of engaging in narcoterrorism, conspiring to import drugs into the United States, and providing aid and weapons — including surface-to-air missiles — to a South American paramiltary terrorist group.

  • Colombia judge nixes ban on film on hostage's baby

    A judge has spurned a prominent Colombian's attempt to prevent the release of a feature film about the odyssey of the child born to her while she was a rebel hostage.

  • Mother of baby born in captivity seeks to bar film

    It's one of the most heart-tugging tales of Colombia's long civil conflict: Rebels appear at the jungle home of a poor farmer carrying a 7-month-old boy with bandaged left arm.

  • World Briefs: Police blame FARC for grenade attack

    Colombia's national police director is blaming the rebel group FARC for a grenade attack that injured six people on New Year's Eve, saying the incident breaks a much-publicized truce that the leftist guerrillas unilaterally declared as a goodwill gesture during peace talks.

  • Briefly: Colombian rebel camps bombed, 6 bodies recovered

    Colombian military authorities said they recovered six bodies of FARC rebels slain in an air raid on three guerrilla camps in a southwestern jungle region.

  • Briefly: World court rejects Nicaragua’s claim to islands

    The International Court of Justice ruled Monday that a group of tiny islands in the western Caribbean belong to Colombia, rejecting Nicaragua's claim in a long-running territorial dispute between the two Latin American nations.

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