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  • Navy Lt. Dennis W. Peterson, 28, (left) was the pilot on a 1967 mission to rescue a downed pilot. Ensign Donald P. Frye, 23, (center) was a member of his crew. Lt. Cmdr. Richard D. Hartman (right) was the pilot they tried to rescue. The rescue helicopter was shot down and Peterson, Frye and two others onboard were killed. (U.S. Navy)

    Inside the Beltway: Crew comes home

    They were last airborne on July 19, 1967: the four-man Navy crew from the USS Hornet that took off in an SH-3A Sea King helicopter to rescue a downed pilot in Ha Nam Province, North Vietnam. Hit by anti-aircraft gunfire, the helicopter crashed and the men never returned. Nearly 46 years later, the pilot and his crew will be united again for a final time.

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