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  • BOOK REVIEW: How China maintains its grip

    Given the daunting odds against their success, the men who met on July 1, 1921, to found the Chinese Communist Party - the gongchangdang - rank among history's greatest optimists.

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  • In an exclusive post from London, Mr. McGregor asserts that this confirms "that the [party] is very secretive and sensitive about its inner workings. The Chinese officials I have spoken to directly are aghast. Second-hand, I am told the [party] is doing an internal report [to] circulate within party organs. But it still cannot speak to me ... directly because such issues [are] not to be shared with nonparty"

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  • "In China, it is the opposite — the [Communist Party] is paranoid about the military becoming de-politicized," he said, noting constant propaganda in party and military newspapers about the unwavering bond between the party and the PLA, propaganda read by most China observers as a worrying sign that ties are strained.

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