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  • President Lincoln is featured in a video at the newly renovated Ford's Theater museum. The museum will open to the public on Wednesday. (Allison Shelley/The Washington Times)

    Lincoln museum reopens at Ford's Theatre

    The Deringer pistol used by John Wilkes Booth to kill President Lincoln is still on view, along with the 16th president's boots and blood-stained suit. These artifacts remain the most potent objects in the museum at Ford's Theatre, but they no longer hog the spotlight.

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  • "What we want to communicate here is the personal, political and moral growth of this man," says presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, who helped redesign the museum. "Hopefully, you'll come away with a much greater understanding of Lincoln and how much the nation lost because of Booth."

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  • "Lincoln invented the wartime presidency and he made it up as he went along," says Mr. Smith, pointing to a display called the "Revolving Door of Union Generals."

    Lincoln museum reopens at Ford's Theatre →

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