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  • **FILE** Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican (Associated Press)

    Sen. Rob Portman: Math is on GOP's side to win Senate this fall

    Sen. Rob Portman said Monday "the math tends for work for Republicans" this year as his party tries to pick up six seats in November and retake the Senate.

  • **FILE** Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican (Associated Press)

    Lawmakers predict no government shutdown this year

    Two of the lawmakers who have been deeply involved in bipartisan efforts aimed at reducing annual deficits said Tuesday that they do not expect a government shutdown this year.

  • Ohio senator calls Ukraine elections legitimate

    An Ohio senator who observed Ukraine's presidential election this weekend said Monday the experience he had in the crisis-torn European nation was inspiring and he viewed it as a legitimate election.

  • Ohio senator will observe Ukraine elections

    Ohio's Republican senator will be in Ukraine this weekend to observe presidential voting in the crisis-torn European nation.

  • Ohio senator plans forum on lake pollution

    Ohio's Republican senator plans a forum on harmful algal blooms such as those that have plagued its largest inland lake.

  • Ohio senators seek Delphi health coverage help

    Ohio's U.S. senators and other members of the state's congressional delegation are pushing for extension of a health coverage tax credit they say is particularly important for Delphi salaried retirees.

  • **FILE** Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican (Associated Press)

    Sen. Rob Portman: Congress should tread lightly on minimum wage hike

    Republican Sen. Rob Portman said Thursday that lawmakers should tread warily in sizing up a Democrat-led proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, citing economic conditions and a new report that says the hike could kill a half-million jobs.

  • Democrats rewrite unemployment benefits extension plan

    Senate Democrats rewrote their unemployment benefit extension plan Thursday, ignoring Republicans' pleas for a full debate and instead offering a take-it-or-leave-it proposal that would pay for nearly a year's worth of additional benefits now by promising broad budget cuts more than a decade in the future.

  • Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, told John Koskinen that he is "very favorably disposed toward your nomination and want to see you confirmed" to head the IRS. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

    IRS nominee gets GOP support

    The ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee said Wednesday he will support President Obama's nominee to become the next head of the scandal-plagued IRS — an announcement that bodes well for John Koskinen's confirmation by the Senate.

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