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  • **FILE** Robert Bobb (The Washington Times)

    Detroit plan would slash schools, cram classrooms

    Think wrangling one or two teenagers at home is tough? Some high school teachers in Detroit could end up with as many as 62 students per classroom under a proposal geared at helping balance the district's budget, which is $327 million in the red.

  • Marybeth Hicks

    HICKS: Putting the 'fun' in dysfunctional

    There just isn't enough column space to describe the myriad dysfunctions of Detroit Public Schools, much less consider the system's options for improvement.

  • The time has come

    "The deplorable record of the District's public schools by every important educational and management measure has left one of the city's most important public responsibilities in a state of crisis, creating an emergency which can no longer be ignored or excused. DCPS is failing in its mission to educate the children of the District of Columbia. In virtually every area, and for every grade level, the system has failed to provide our children with a quality education and safe environment in which to learn."

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