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  • Robert Einhorn (right), the State Department's special adviser for nonproliferation and arms control, and Daniel Glaser, the Treasury Department's deputy assistant secretary for terrorist financing and financial crimes, appear at a press conference in Seoul on Monday, Aug. 2, 2010. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

    U.S.: N. Korea sanctions to hit cash sources for nukes

    New U.S. sanctions against North Korea will seek to strangle the narcotics trafficking, counterfeiting of U.S. dollars and other "illicit and deceptive" activities that provide the regime with the hard currency used for its nuclear weapons program, a senior U.S. envoy said Monday.

  • Sanctions seek to cut off N. Korea funding

    Washington's new sanctions seek to cut off North Korea's illicit moneymaking sources by freezing the assets of those who help the regime fund its nuclear-weapons program, a senior U.S. envoy said Monday, describing a blacklisting tactic to further isolate Pyongyang financially.

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