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  • Kansas City diocese questions legality, accuracy of abuse penalty

    Attorneys for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph have questioned the legality of a $1 million abuse penalty against the diocese, criticizing "numerous factual inaccuracies" in an arbitrator’s ruling.

  • Legal costs escalate in Kansas City diocese

    The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese is not considering bankruptcy, despite having paid millions of dollars for legal fees and settlements in sexual abuse cases involving priests in recent years, a diocese spokesman said.

  • KC diocese settles 2 lawsuits for $1.2 million

    Lawsuits stemming from the actions of a priest who took pornographic photographs of young parishioners have resulted in nearly $4 million in settlements by the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, after Jackson County judges approved the latest two deals this week.

  • KC Catholics among those seeking Finn sanctions

    Roman Catholics in the Kansas City area have joined a formal request to Pope Francis to discipline Bishop Robert Finn, who was convicted in 2012 of failing to report a priest involved in child pornography.

  • ** FILE ** This May 3, 2004, file photo provided by the Archdiocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo., shows the Rev. Monsignor Robert Finn, who is facing a criminal charge for not telling police about child pornography that was found on a priest's computer. (AP Photo/Archdiocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph)

    U.S. bishop charged for not bringing porn to police

    The first U.S. bishop criminally charged with sheltering an abusive clergyman has been accused of failing to protect children after he and his diocese waited five months to tell police about hundreds of images of child pornography discovered on a priest's computer, authorities said.

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  • The indictment, handed down Oct. 6 but sealed because Finn was out of the country, says the bishop failed to report suspicions against the priest from Dec. 16, 2010, when the photos were discovered, to May 11, 2011, when the diocese turned them over to police.

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  • Finn denied any wrongdoing in a statement Friday and said he had begun work to overhaul the diocese's reporting policies and act on key findings of a diocese-commissioned investigation into its practices.

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