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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Israel conspiracy theory isn't fact

    Robert W. Merry's op-ed piece "Obama may buck the Israel lobby on Iran" (Commentary, Jan. 1) echoes conspiracy theories purporting to explain how Jerusalem controls Washington's foreign policy. This is disappointing coming from a staffer of a well-regarded journal such as the National Interest.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Where They Stand'

    History is far too important a matter to be left to historians, a fact that members of that profession have proved over and over. To this day, I still laugh out loud when rereading James David Barber's pretentious 1977 opus, "The Presidential Character: Predicting Performance in the White House."

  • BOOKS: 'A Country of Vast Designs'

    To indifferent students of American history, our 11th president, James Knox Polk, may seem to be just another of those semiobscure White House occupants of no particular distinction. However, as Robert W. Merry shows us, he deserves much more than that.

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