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  • Broadcaster George Will is changing teams, leaving ABC News for a spot on Fox News Channel. "His wisdom is enduring and his achievements are far too long to list," says Michael Clemente, his new boss. (AP Images for Crown Royal)

    Inside the Beltway: A GOP charm offensive toward the American public?

    Vilifying Republicans has become a cottage industry among Democrats who are under the impression that aggressive, insulting talk about one's political rivals is a sign of authority and purpose. Yeah, well.

Andrew Klavan's latest book "The Last Thing I Remember."

    BOOKS: High school thriller goes patriotic

    Andrew Klavan's "The Last Thing I Remember" is one of the more subversive books I've read in a long time. I ought to know - I used to be a subversive (or consider myself to be one). Moreover, it's subversive in a truly important and new way.

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  • "It is under the guidance of this liberalism, under their own version of Shariah, if you will, that the debates will be conducted and Mitt Romney judged," Mr. Simon explains.

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  • "Uncle Pajamas wants you," Mr. Simon says. "These people would report back to us - with either video, still photos, text or some combination thereof - on cases of voter fraud, intimidation or other voting malfeasances they may encounter. We will then cover these occurrences heavily on Pajamas Media and PJTV, and promote them to the media at large."

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