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  • In this May 8, 2014 photo, former Spartanburg, S.C., sheriff's deputy Brandon Bentley, poses for a photo with his wife, retired Salem police department officer Kelly Clark, in Salem, Ore.  Bentley's appeal to the South Carolina Supreme Court on a post-traumatic stress disorder claim was denied, stating the law did not provide mental health benefits for officers because they are trained in the use of deadly force and know that they may have to use it. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

    Police unions push for medical coverage of PTSD

    Police unions across the U.S. are pushing for officers to be able to collect workers' compensation benefits if they suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, whether they got it from the general stress of police work or from responding to a deadly shooting rampage.

  • Charles Austin, Board Member of Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP). (Image: YouTube)

    RAP building more beds for those living with HIV

    Before the ground fully thaws from whatever wintry weather Mother Nature may be in the mood for, RAP Inc. will continue moving heaven and earth to help people diagnosed with HIV.

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