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  • Can women make men into marriage material?

    Women might have some say when it comes to how a man should act, and especially how marriages should go.

  • ** FILE ** Christopher Jordan Dorner (Associated Press)

    CNN host: Can Dorner teach us anything about gun violence?

    CNN's Carol Costello asked her panel a question Wednesday morning that might have a few people scratching their heads. The "CNN Newsroom" host asked nonprofits founder Van Jones, Politic365's Jason Johnson and The New York Times' Ross Douthat if the Christopher Dorner case teaches us anything about guns.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Bad Religion'

    If you put a piece of duct tape over Ross Douthat's name on the dust jacket, the content of "Bad Religion," subtitled "How We Became a Nation of Heretics," would surprise you as a far more cerebral and introspective work than could be expected from the "America-has-turned-its-back-on-God" genre.

  • Andrew Breitbart

    POLLAK: Firing at Breitbart when he can't fire back

    Andrew Breitbart would not have been surprised by the out- pouring of liberal hate after his death. He would have reveled in it, relished it, retweeted it. He enjoyed watching the left unmask itself, revealing pretensions at "civility" to be nothing more than bullying. He would have laughed to see Rolling Stone quietly pulling its ads off the page where Matt Taibbi - a drug-abusing misogynist, Andrew would have noted - had done his worst.

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