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  • Screen capture of the website for the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation (Courtesy of

    Ex-pilots shoot down timeline of Navy

    A foundation set up to celebrate Navy aviation's 100th birthday has disavowed an official history on its website, after former combat pilots complained of inaccuracies and political correctness.

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  • "There is 'history' and then there is 'revisionist history' written to support a political agenda," said Roy Stafford, a former Marine attack aircraft pilot. "This timeline offered up the first female naval aviator and first female navy astronaut and first black Blue Angel pilot as major milestones and high-water marks for naval aviation to the exclusion of the real history makers. That just didn't sit well with my simple Marine Corps mind."

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  • Mr. Stafford is among a group of retirees who wrote e-mails of protest that ended up in the foundation's lap.

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