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  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Forever Rumpole'

    The title of this delightful collection of Sir John Mortimer's classic Rumpole stories itself testifies to the enduring qualities of these stories, told in the voice of the Old Bailey Hack barrister. That distinctive voice - crusty, orotund, pointed - is key to what makes these tales such a pleasure to read.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: London rioters are unabashed

    The late Sir John Mortimer's wryly humorous television series about the antics of a tenacious London criminal defense attorney, "Rumpole of the Bailey," presupposed the existence of a British criminal class populated by thieves and burglars - not the rioters and looters of today ("Anarchy in the UK; rioters set afire London," Web, Tuesday).

  • BOOKS: 'A Rumpole Christmas: Stories'

    Christmas without Rumpole would be like Christmas without Scrooge.

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