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  • Back in the spotlight: Jim Bopp, a lawyer who took on McCain-Feingold, now is taking on what he calls an "astonishingly bad law manages to thumb its nose at the Constitution." (Associated Press)

    Superlawyer Jim Bopp takes on McCain-backed tax act that targets Americans overseas

    Jim Bopp, the hard-charging lawyer who persuaded the Supreme Court to strike down crucial elements in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, has a new target in his legal sights: a bank and taxation statute that hits Americans overseas.

  • The legacy of Doris "Granny D" Haddock will be preserved at the Keene State College library after the activist's family donated her journals, letters, photographs and memorabilia to the school. (Associated Press)

    College preserves the legacy of 'Granny D'

    The straw hat, shoes and neon vest Doris "Granny D" Haddock wore during her cross-country walk more than a decade ago are becoming teaching tools for a new generation of political activists.

  • ** FILE ** Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy G. Thompson. (Associated Press)

    Wisconsin's open Senate seat a hot topic

    Just as many voters were getting over a record-setting string of state Senate recall elections with the prospect of another against the governor, the parties are gearing up for what many are predicting will be a hard-fought race for the open U.S. Senate seat left by retiring Sen. Herb Kohl, a Democrat.

  • Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, is chairman of the House Budget Committee.

    Wisconsin's Ryan decides not to run for Senate

    Rep. Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, said Tuesday he would not run for the Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl, opening the door for former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who was toying with entering the race.

  • Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson, a political novice, celebrates his victory over veteran Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold Tuesday night in Oshkosh, Wis., with family and supporters. (Associated Press)

    Feingold loss leaves activists, war foes deflated

    Civil libertarians and war opponents coped Wednesday with the realization that Tuesday's Republican coup had cost them their most outspoken voice in Congress: Wisconsin's junior senator, Democrat Russ Feingold.

  • Christine O'Donnell has 10-1 odds against winning the Senate seat in Delaware on Nov. 2, says Ireland-based bookmaker Paddy Power. (Associated Press)

    Senate balance of power hinges on weird, 'nasty'

    In an already unusual Senate election year filled with bizarre talk about witches and "aqua Buddhas," and chickens as currency, the waning days of the 2010 campaign season continue to crank out weirdness.

  • Feingold

    Feingold finding maverick role of scant help against GOP tide

    Russ Feingold seemed as well-positioned as any Senate Democratic incumbent to fend off a Republican challenge this year. The Wisconsinite is pro-gun in a hunting-happy state, has a history of voting against his party - including rejecting the unpopular TARP Wall Street bailout - and has avoided even a hint of personal scandal.

First lady Michelle Obama addresses the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Conference in Washington on Tuesday.

    Michelle Obama set for nine fundraisers

    Michelle Obama is jumping into the midterm political fray in a big way: She will headline at least nine fundraisers in six states next month for the Democrats.

  • Ron Johnson

    GOP dark horses set to finish strong

    From Washington to Wisconsin and Connecticut, Republican challengers are forcing analysts to revise upward their midterm forecasts of potential Democratic losses, putting the GOP in sight of a long-shot 10-seat gain.

  • White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the data leak does not raise any doubts about Pakistan's reliability as a key ally in the war against terrorism, adding that the U.S. has "certainly known about safe havens in Pakistan." (Associated Press)

    Leaks raise U.S. policy doubts

    The disclosure of classified military documents revealing close ties between Pakistan's intelligence service and militants fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan has prompted calls on Capitol Hill to rethink U.S. policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • Feingold

    GOP newcomer hot on the heels of Feingold in Senate-race polls

    It was supposed to be an easy re-election for Sen. Russ Feingold. And come November, it still may be. But for now, the Wisconsin Democrat is facing one of his toughest campaign challenges in a long and successful political career.

Scott Walker, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin, greets some students at a Memorial Day service at St. John's Academy in Delafield, Wis. The Milwaukee County executive and a "tea party" supporter overwhelmingly won the GOP endorsement and has campaigned on repealing tax increases on big business and the wealthy.

    No blues for GOP in Wisconsin

    Until recently, Wisconsin seemed to be a Democratic strategist's lock - a blue state getting bluer. Its two senators were well-established liberal Democrats.

  • Senate leaders won't back censure

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell both rejected a call for censure of President Bush that is expected be introduced by a fellow lawmaker in the coming days.

  • Former Sen. Fred Thompson has attracted a following among Republicans looking for a true conservative candidate.

    Thompson's 2008 run may end fast, critics say

    Former Sen. Fred Thompson is now hovering near the top of the heap of Republican presidential hopefuls in most polls, but critics say he will begin a precipitous descent when more primary voters learn more about his record.

  • Upholding free speech

    During the last 10 general elections for Congress held before 2002, voters returned to office an astounding 95.8 percent of House incumbents seeking re-election (3,746 out of 3,910) and 86.3 percent of incumbent senators seeking another term (215 out of 249). Evidently, these re-election rates weren't high enough for a majority of members of the 107th Congress. In 2002, the House (240-189) and the Senate (60-40) passed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which is better known by the names of its Senate sponsors: McCain-Feingold. It should have been called the Incumbent Protection Act of 2002 because it tossed a dagger through the heart of the First Amendment's free-speech provision.

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  • "We need to consider how sending more troops would affect the entire region and our efforts to fight al Qaeda globally," said Sen. Russ Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat, who called for a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan. "Spending billions more dollars and sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan may not significantly improve conditions on the ground, and may actually prove counterproductive in stabilizing Pakistan and fighting al Qaeda in the region and around the world."

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  • But Sen. Russ Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat, said Thursday evening while he opposes the defense spending bill, he would not help Republicans "delay passage of the defense bill in order to block the Senate from considering health care reform."

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