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  • Putin offers U.S. missile site concession

    KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised the Bush administration today by offering to allow a U.S. missile defense shield to be installed in southern Russia instead of Eastern Europe.

  • Bush to host Putin in Maine

    KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — The personal touch is sometimes a pivotal item in the diplomatic toolbox. President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, time and again, have reached for just the thing to improve one of the world's most crucial partnerships.

  • Embassy Row

    German perspective

  • A somber summit

    President Bush will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin July 1-2 at Kennebunkport, Maine. This may be the last opportunity to improve U.S.-Russian relations before the two leaders leave office in 2008-2009.

  • Split Russian opposition boosts Kremlin

    MOSCOW — Six months before election season begins in Russia, the Kremlin is all but assured of resounding success in a climate that raises questions abroad about the country's democratic credentials but worries few ordinary Russians.

  • Kasparov vows to check Putin

    TORONTO — Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion who has become a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he fears for his safety but vows to keep pushing for democracy in the country.

  • A poisoned dissident

    It is no exaggeration to declare that Vladimir Putin's Russia is a true "spookocracy," a government dominated by members and veterans of intelligence services, what Reuel Marc Gerecht calls a "unique corporate, capitalist police-state."

  • Pedestrian streets in Vilnius are popular with city residents as well as tourists looking at the shops and stopping in sidewalk cafes. Vilnius also is a city with many churches (left) that define its skyline. The churches are built in many architectural styles, from Gothic to neoclassical.

    Delightful Lithuania

    VILNIUS, Lithuania

  • BP to sell gas field stake to Gazprom

    MOSCOW (AP) — BP PLC said yesterday it has agreed to sell its stake in a giant Siberian gas field project to state-controlled gas monopoly OAO Gazprom — a widely expected move that comes as the Kremlin tightens its hold on the world's biggest oil and gas industry.

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