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  • President Paul Kagame speaks to Rwandans on a campaign stop in Nyagatare. Mr. Kagame is thought to be all but assured of re-election, but opposition leaders say they've been barred from participating. (Associated Press)

    Rwandan leader seeks 2nd term

    For weeks, Rwandan President Paul Kagame has rallied his supporters with thumping pop music and promised to build on his economic and social development record, which has won him accolades abroad. As polls prepare to open Monday at 6 a.m. in Rwanda's second presidential election since the 1994 genocide, few doubt Mr. Kagame will win.

  • Beatrice Munyenyezi, 40, bought this three-bedroom house on Howe Street in Manchester, N.H., in 2003 for $190,000. Federal prosecutors say Mrs. Munyenyezi directed kidnapping, rape and murder during the genocide in Rwanda in 1998. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

    U.S. immigrant's dream ends with genocide allegation

  • 5 East African countries create common market

    Five nations in East Africa implemented new economic rules Thursday to boost cross-border employment and trade.

  • Briefly

    The main union at South Africa's monopoly power supplier says it's ready to strike after rejecting the company's wage offer.

  • Congo's mineral wealth lures exploiters

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo holds a treasure trove of valuable minerals that are at once the country's greatest blessing and most enduring curse.

  • 'Promise' of Africa goes untold

    Much of the news that comes out of sub-Saharan Africa routinely involves civil wars, poverty, famine and government corruption, but "there's a lot of promise in Africa," says Karol Boudreaux, lead researcher for Enterprise Africa.

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