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  • Eva Guimares and teacher Karen Cunningham enjoy a break at Longview, a special-education school in Germantown. Technology will allow disabled students to more fully participate in their education.
(Photo courtesy of Longview School)

    Montgomery schools will receive grant from Azerbaijani foundation

    Montgomery County Public Schools is set to receive a $65,000 education grant Thursday from a foundation based in the Republic of Azerbaijan, money that school officials say will buy technology for classrooms and an opportunity for seriously disabled students to more fully participate in their education.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hold Bahrain accountable on human rights

    S. Rob Sobhani's piece on Bahrain ("Standing steadfast with Bahrain," Commentary, May 20) once again draws attention to a vitally important political conflict in a nation that has been a close U.S. ally for the past six decades. Mr. Sobhani's call for renewed U.S. commitment to the kingdom deserves applause, as does his warning about an Iran-inspired campaign to provoke further unrest on the island.

  • Independent Rob Sobhani, greeting Donna Walsh in Annapolis, and Republican Dan Bongino are confident of an upset in the race against Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, though the Democrat has a healthy lead in polls. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Md. opponents confident they can uproot Cardin from Senate

    The top two challengers in Maryland's U.S. Senate race are hoping to unseat Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin, but they are spending much of their time battling each another.

  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘Press 2 for English’

    This is a serious book by a thoughtful observer of one of the crisis issues facing America. The points he raises deserve a close reading and careful consideration. S. Rob Sobhani argues that U.S. immigration policy has become such a contradictory mishmash of reaction responses that it amounts to no policy.

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  • He notes that the Obama administration in 2009 ended the practice of cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens through unannounced raids on workplaces.

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  • He argues that whether it is Mexico or Pakistan or any of a half dozen other kleptocracies into which we pour foreign aid, our international policies have failed to force those governments to clean up their governance and eradicate the poverty that sends their citizens fleeing to our shores.

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