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  • Local dogs star with Rockwell, Fonda, Liotta

    Frederick residents Theresa Currier and Paul Jantzen live with movie scene stealers.

  • Unlikable 'Laggies' wastes impressive cast

    If “The Laggies” has two things going for it — it’s a relatable theme and a home run of a cast. But if it has a fault, it’s the failure to make those strong elements work.

  • Review: McDonagh's nutty 'Seven Psychopaths'

    In his second movie, the Irish playwright Martin McDonagh has mangled together a comic, self-aware revenge flick that's half Guy Ritchie, half Charlie Kaufman.

  • Jacob Kogan, who has the title role in "Joshua," watches home movies of his mother, played by Vera Farmiga. A boy in a city park (left) probably wouldn't seem so scary if he weren't Joshua.

    'Joshua' one creepy boy

    As a psychological thriller and light horror film, director George Ratliff's feature debut, "Joshua," works quite well. It is the tale of a precocious 9-year-old boy who may or may not be destroying his family's sanity and threatening his baby sister's life, and it plays on the fearful notion that some children aren't actually sugar and spice; they're smart and sinister.

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