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  • CURL: Allred proves Sandra is no fluke

    Just in case you thought slutgate had reached its apogee of absurdity, the entrance into the story of sluts and hos attorney Gloria Allred should inform you otherwise.

  • Rush wreaks the s-word, but why are people so mad?

    It isn't what you say that counts, but who you say it about.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Left can't have contraception issue both ways

    Sandra Fluke is the adult poster child for the hypocrisy of the political left ("Ms. Fluke's fluke," Commentary, Thursday). Out of one side of its collective mouth, the left demands that the government stay out of its bedroom and womb, but from the other side, it demands that the government ("we, the People") pay for its birth control and abortions.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    KUHNER: Limbaugh vs. liberal bigots

    Rush Limbaugh has been forced to deliver a humiliating apology for epithets he used against Sandra Fluke, a liberal activist and Georgetown law student. The apology comes as President Obama and the liberal media desperately try to paint Ms. Fluke as a victim of conservative male chauvinism - the latest casualty in a Republican "war on women."

  • The Washington Times

    TYRRELL: Ms. Fluke's fluke

    I like to think of Sandra Fluke's contretemps with the madly admired Rush Limbaugh as, well, a fluke. She objected to his joke about her being "a slut" and "a prostitute," and, hesto presto, the part-time Georgetown University law student struck pay dirt. You object to my characterization of her as "part-time"?

  • Another station dumps Limbaugh over Fluke comments

    A second radio station has dropped Rush Limbaugh's talk show in reaction to his derisive comments about a Georgetown law student advocating that birth control be covered by the Jesuit university's health care plan.

  • Facial images based on forensic reconstruction of skeletal remains of two sailors aboard the USS Monitor, a CIvil War-era ironclad ship that sank in 1862,  have prompted one federal agency to ask the public: do you know these men? (Images from NOAA)

    Inside the Beltway: Bill Maher unleashed

    Bill Maher still lobs insults, though he's now a leading figure in the controversy over Rush Limbaugh's untoward comments about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, for which he apologized. Twice.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fluke expects U.S. to pay for her choices

    Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and the congressmen who wished to present her to the country as a victim are the new standard-bearers of a sick society ("Why Sandra Fluke should thank Rush Limbaugh," Web, Monday).

  • Limbaugh says his apology to student was sincere

    Radio host Rush Limbaugh said his apology to the Georgetown law student he called a "slut" was sincere but also joked that he, too, got a busy signal Monday when he called the show to join the growing roster of advertisers abandoning it.

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