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  • Angry GOP: Hill has to ‘get serious about cutting spending’

    Despite taking a beating this week in the "fiscal cliff" showdown with President Obama and Democrats, conservative Republicans have vowed to regroup in coming weeks and redouble their efforts to rein in federal spending.

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    EDITORIAL: Institutionalizing the Constitution

    Liberals were partly right when they criticized House Republicans, saying the new requirement for a constitutional justification for each new piece of legislation was mere posturing. The sniping, however, came from the wrong angle. The problem isn't with the requirement, but with its loopholes and lack of enforcement teeth.

  • A special select committee set up by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, in 2007 was used as a vehicle to promote "cap-and-trade" legislation for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. (Associated Press)

    EDITORIAL: Make Congress obey the Constitution

    Congressional Democrats led by outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi are so intent on expanding government that they deny the Constitution imposes any limits on their power. Rep. Scott Garrett, New Jersey Republican, insists federal lawmakers be blocked from exceeding its authority. On Tuesday, he offered a resolution that will serve as an acid test to see whether the incoming Congress is serious about limiting government.

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  • "It needs to have teeth," Mr. Garrett told The Washington Times.

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  • "In order to regain the trust and confidence of the American public, it's imperative that we live up to the promise we made in the 'Pledge to America' to cut $100 billion in spending by returning to 2008 spending levels," said Rep. Scott Garrett, New Jersey Republican. "These cuts represent the first step, not the last, toward addressing the looming debt crisis facing our country."

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