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  • DIA official warns about Cuban spies

    Cuban intelligence agents are working inside the U.S. government and one mole uncovered in the Defense Intelligence Agency caused the death of a U.S. special operations soldier in Central America, a senior DIA counterintelligence official says in a new book.

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  • "If Cuban agents among us today are indirectly passing our innermost secrets, via their Cuban handlers, to countries who actively work to undermine American interests throughout the world, then we will suffer for it, in many ways," he said. "War fighters like Greg Fronius will die as a result. This is not a game."

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  • "Montes had a moral and legal obligation to support him not to stab him in the back by standing on the other side of the fence with the Cubans during the attack," he said.

    DIA official warns about Cuban spies →

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