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  • Associated Press
This undated photo shows Marine Sgt. William H. Genaust in training in Quantico, Va. A search team has located sites where Sgt. Genaust, who filmed the iconic flag-raising on Iwo Jima in World War II, may have died in 1945.

    Iwo Jima sites eyed for remains

    IWO JIMA, Japan — A team of U.S. searchers looking for the remains of the Marine who filmed the famous flag-raising over Iwo Jima say they've located two possible sites and recommend a larger group excavate them, officials said.

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  • "We are the initial investigation. We surveyed the hill. We will need to return to actually dig for specific remains," Maj. Stinchon said.

    Iwo Jima sites eyed for remains →

  • "Our investigation has been very successful," U.S. Army Maj. Sean Stinchon told the Associated Press, the only civilian press agency with the search team that had been surveying and digging on the island for 10 days.

    Iwo Jima sites eyed for remains →

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