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  • GOP sees Democrats split over immigration

    Republicans, seen as divided during the fight over immigration on Capitol Hill, hope to use the bill's resurrection to expose a Democratic split on the issue.

  • The genie-stuffers

    Back when nuclear weaponry and deterrence strategy still received serious national deliberation, most sensible people recognized a basic reality: Once the technology to build nuclear weapons became widely available, there was no way to stuff "the nuclear genie back in the bottle."

  • Big Oil opts out of biofuel battle

    The oil industry that once fought fiercely against biofuels barely has lifted a finger to oppose the Senate energy bill's mandate for huge increases in ethanol production, lobbyists and congressional aides say.

  • Maryland Senate chamber gets rewired

    ANNAPOLIS — The floor of the Maryland Senate chamber is getting a makeover to improve its electrical system.

  • Is this Congress or Parliament?

    Where do these people think they are, the House of Commons? The other day the U.S. Senate, sometimes laughingly referred to as the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, considered a motion of no confidence in the country's attorney general.

  • Test of persuasion

    President Bush appears upbeat in his assessments that comprehensive immigration reform can be passed any day now — despite widespread opposition from his own party and political base.

  • Bush urges Hispanics to speak up

    President Bush yesterday told Hispanics to step into the middle of the immigration debate and make sure senators who have been bombarded with calls from opponents also hear from those who support the bill.

  • Letters to the editor

    Summer of sequels

  • GOP ire raised on drug safety

    Democratic lawmakers raised the ire of their Republican counterparts this week when last-minute language was added to drug-safety legislation that would prevent drug companies from fending off civil lawsuits at the state level.

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