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  • Airline error drops fliers on wrong continent, 7,000 miles off course

    Talk about a computer error: One couple intending to fly from Los Angeles to Dakar, Senegal, was mistakenly taken to Dhaka, the Bangladesh capital, which is 7,000 miles from their planned destination — and on a different continent.

  • In majority-Muslim Senegal, Christmas is flourishing

    After prayers at the mosque, Ibrahim Lo is off to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. Soon he is eyeing the rows of dolls wrapped in plastic bags on a wooden table as he searches for gifts for his four children.

  • Senegal reality TV show features prettiest sheep

    The street level of Ousmane Ndiaye's building features a fabric shop. He and his family live in a posh apartment on the second floor. Their upstairs neighbors? His beloved ram Billal and 10 other sheep.

  • Maryam Sy and five of her nine children share a meager bowl of tamarind-flavored porridge in their drought-stricken village of Goudoude Diobe, Senegal. "I start a fire, put a pot of water on it and tell the children I am in the middle of preparing something," Ms. Sy, 37 says. "In reality, I have nothing." (Associated Press)

    Hunger stalking children in Senegal

    In Senegal, which is relatively stable and prosperous, malnutrition among children in the north has surpassed 14 percent, just shy of the World Health Organization threshold for an emergency.

  • Youssou Ndour named Senegal's cultural minister

    Senegalese state television reports that world music icon Youssou Ndour has been named the West African country's minister for culture and tourism.

  • Anti-government protesters carry a banner reading "The Senegalese revolution said to liberate the people," as they are blocked by police from reaching Independence Square in central Dakar, Senegal, on Feb. 21, 2012. (Associated Press)

    U.S. urges calm ahead of Senegal election

    U.S. officials called for calm Wednesday ahead of this weekend's election in Senegal, where opposition leaders are vowing to render the West African nation ungovernable if its 85-year-old incumbent president seeks a third term.

  • Supporters of Senegal's president await his arrival for a campaign rally Feb. 10 in the town of Dagana. Abdoulaye Wade says he is in good health and is able to serve another term. "I still feel like I have the physical and intellectual capacity to serve my people," he said. (Associated Press)

    Senegal leader's age becomes campaign issue

    The question dogging the president of this nation as he tries to persuade his country to vote for him one last time can be traced to this town enveloped in sand.

  • Protesters throw rocks at police, who respond with tear gas, on a central boulevard in Dakar, Senegal, on Sunday. The fifth consecutive day of pre-election clashes took on a religious dimension in this normally tolerant Muslim nation. (Associated Press)

    Week before vote in Senegal, angry crowd tells president it's time to go

    Protesters demanding the departure of Senegal's aging president on Sunday seized control of a three-block stretch in the heart of the capital, erecting barricades and lobbing rocks at police just days before a contentious presidential election.

  • Senegal: Facts about the West African country

    Senegal president spends $200K to lobby U.S.

    Several months before a Senegalese court was scheduled to rule on one of the most divisive issues facing the nation, the country's aging president took extra care to ensure that his interpretation of the law would prevail not only in Senegal, but also in Washington.

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