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  • Salvation Army "soldier" Daniel Aherns collects donations on Fifth Avenue at Rockefeller Center in New York in 2011. (Associated Press)

    Salvation Army prepares to promote a new 'general'

    While its red Christmas collection kettles are largely packed away, the Salvation Army, an evangelical church best known for its social services, is facing a new task: electing a new "general," or international leader, to take office April 1.

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  • "There are always pressures to dance to the tune being played by the world," Mr. Clifton said. "We've never done that, and we're not about to start. I do believe in understanding, we need to stay relevant; we need to be able to present ourselves with relevance to modern culture. But that's different than to say we will allow the values of that culture to change who we are."

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  • Mr. Clifton told The Washington Times that the fact that a majority of this year's electors are female was "a significant issue."

    Salvation Army prepares to promote a new 'general' →

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