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  • Sherry Rehman

    Embassy Row: 'Cognitive disconnect'

    Pakistani Ambassador Sherry Rehman doesn't mince words. She rolls them out like fresh dough, pounds them into heaps and injects them with a "cognitive disconnect" or a "bilateral trajectory."

  • Sherry Rehman

    Embassy Row: Pakistani ambassador quits

    Pakistani Ambassador Sherry Rehman resigned Tuesday, citing her party's loss in parliamentary elections as she plans to return to her South Asian nation where she faces a police investigation on charges of blasphemy.

  • ** FILE ** A freshman Republican state lawmaker from North Dakota plans to introduce a bill that would limit use of drones for law enforcement after the highly publicized case of a Lakota farmer who was arrested after a 16-hour standoff with police on Jan. 6, 2013. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Associated Press)

    Pakistan ambassador lashes out at President Obama's 'counterproductive' drone strikes

    Pakistan's ambassador to the United States lashed out at the Obama administration's use of drones to kill terrorists inside Pakistan, calling unmanned aerial attacks "counterproductive."

  • Embassy Row: Dangerous duty for Pakistan’s ambassador

    Serving as Pakistan's ambassador to the United States is risky business, as the country's former envoy noted after hearing about the legal threat against the current ambassador.

  • Embassy Row: Pakistan demands respect

    Pakistani Ambassador Sherry Rehman this week demanded that the White House apologize for a NATO assault on Pakistani forces and halt drone attacks on Pakistani territory, if Washington wants to improve relations with a nation many see as a key South Asian ally in the war on terrorism.

  • Embassy Row

    Pakistan is outraged by a resolution sponsored by three House Republicans calling for a vote on independence for the people of Baluchistan, the largest province in the South Asian nation already angry at Washington for its anti-terrorist attacks.

  • ** FILE ** Former Pakistani Information Minister Sherry Rehman listens to reporters in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011. Pakistan has appointed Ms. Rehman, a democracy advocate who has faced militant death threats, as its new ambassador to the United States. (AP Photo/B.K. Bangash)

    Envoy calls for 'reset' in U.S.-Pakistan relationship

    The U.S. and Pakistan need to reset their strategic relationship, which has been "burdened" with too many expectations, Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S said Wednesday.

  • ** FILE ** In this March 31, 2008, file photo, Pakistan's former Information Minister Sherry Rehman is seen in her office in Islamabad, Pakistan. Rehman is Pakistan's ambassador to the United States. (AP Photo, file)

    Pakistan names new envoy to U.S. in wake of scandal

    Pakistan appointed a democracy activist who has faced militant death threats as its new ambassador to the United States on Wednesday, moving quickly to replace the old envoy who resigned after upsetting the country's powerful military in a scandal dubbed "memo-gate."

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