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  • For Foster, the wait continues

    BLACKSBURG, Va. — For 21 seasons, Virginia Tech has benefited from the wisdom and toughness not just of coach Frank Beamer but also of defensive coordinator Bud Foster.

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  • Now this is getting interesting

    In the last month, the Washington Redskins proved they could handle the worst kind of adversity: the murder of their best player. They rallied together after Sean Taylor's death to win three straight games to put themselves in position to clinch an NFC playoff berth.

  • A Hall of Fame coach demonstrates why

    A month ago when the Redskins were dragging along at 5-7, everybody was asking me whether Joe Gibbs should be fired — fans, radio interviewers, my dentist, everybody. In fact, they posed a much more leading question than that: Shouldn't Joe Gibbs be fired? I gave them all the same answer:

  • Terps seek consistency in change

    SAN FRANCISCO — An undercurrent of change permeated Maryland's trip to the West Coast, an unsuccessful venture in the wake of the Terrapins' 21-14 loss to Oregon State in Friday night's Emerald Bowl.

  • Hoyas' defense, run end AU's chances

    The American revolution lasted exactly one week.

  • Collins is savoring the moment

    Play well, you get to keep playing.

  • Oregon State's Riley is king of comebacks

    Mike Riley knows a little something about comebacks. It's little wonder his team does as well.

  • Role reversal results in runaway win

    It was supposed to be a mismatch and ultimately turned out that way — but not in the way the numbers seemed to suggest.

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