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  • Mystics' goals: strong finish, playoff berth

    Tree Rollins knows now isn"t the time to gloat. The Washington Mystics are on a four game-winning streak, but five regular season games are left.

  • Postcard from Tulsa

    The Rover postponed his Thursday night turducken-fest in lieu of a nocturnal trip to Tulsa's LaFortune Park, a lighted par-3 course. The only two drawbacks are A) the greens are so irreparably pockmarked that they suggest a name change to LaFallujah Park, and B) the lights go out at 11 p.m. on the dot, regardless of how many players are still on the course. Both are serious problems when you're standing over an 8-footer in total blackness on the final hole with all the paper riding on your putt.

  • An intersection of past, future

    PHOENIX — Livan Hernandez and Matt Chico have never met. They come from different backgrounds, one a 32-year-old Cuban defector who has worn his emotions on his sleeve throughout a career in which he has won 131 games, the other a quiet 24-year-old from California who has rarely shown even a glimpse of emotion during a five-win rookie season.

  • Portis remains cautious

    Earlier in his career, even last year, Clinton Portis would have tried to rush back from an injury to play, risking the chance of a setback.

  • Storm blows to two-shot lead at PGA

    TULSA, Okla. (AP) — No one knew John Daly was in town until he showed up yesterday morning at Southern Hills for the first time in 13 years. Not many knew who Graeme Storm was until he showed up atop the leader board in a PGA Championship rife with surprises.

  • Beckham, at last

    David Beckham put his injured ankle behind him and finally made his MLS debut last night, coming off the bench in the 72nd minute to a giant roar from a crowd of 46,686 and hundreds of flashing cameras at RFK Stadium.

  • Nats strong-arm Giants

    SAN FRANCISCO — Think back to those late February days in Viera, Fla., when the Washington Nationals were auditioning 37 different pitchers in hopes of finding 11 who could — at the very least — not embarrass themselves and give this team a chance to win every once in a while.

  • Postcard from Tulsa

    The Rover is drooling with anticipation over his dinner plans for later in the week. Courtesy of the good folks at Hebert's Specialty Meats, a Tulsa institution, the Rover will be dining on Turducken later this week. Inspired by cajun cuisine, Hebert's places a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey and smokes the whole deal up. The Rover generally prefers his meat off the hoof, but he simply cannot pass up such a fowl-fest. Stay tuned.

  • For Suisham, Frost, a leg up on last year

    Last August, Derrick Frost was locked in a battle to keep his job as the Washington Redskins' punter. Shaun Suisham was mere training camp fodder for newly acquired Dallas Cowboys kicker Mike Vanderjagt.

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