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  • From Iraq to Washington: Petraeus has long record of facing tough situations

    The fall of David H. Petraeus as the nation's spy chief does not erase his long record as a military commander who turned the tide of the war in Iraq and set up new tactics for killing Islamic terrorists, his friends and military observers say.

  • Associated Press

Afghan security guards stand by the remnants of a tire burned during an anti-U.S. demonstration in Kabul, Afghanistan, in February. In recent years, allied troops lived and trained with their Afghan counterparts. But killings of allied troops took a toll in trust. The Pentagon said Tuesday that it has stopped training Afghan troops and working with them below battalion level.

    Pentagon ends more mingling of U.S., Afghan troops

    The 2-year-old U.S. practice of mixing American and Afghan forces 24 hours a day has produced cultural clashes that have led to an increase of "green-on-blue" slayings of U.S. troops in which Afghan security personnel turn their weapons on their trainers, says an adviser to U.S. commanders and policymakers.

  • ** FILE ** Former Army Vice Chief of Staff John Keane (Associated Press)

    Iraq surge's advocates fear gains will be lost

    The outside advisers who worked to persuade President Bush in 2006 to send a "surge" of reinforcement troops to Iraq now fear their efforts are on the verge of being erased.

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  • "Not much. That's my biggest problem with it," Mr. Biddle said. "Between sacrificing the potential leverage inherent in the Taliban 5 and pre-emptively conceding the issue of U.S. withdrawal, the net of recent policy choices would appear to have diminished the prospects for a settlement rather than enhancing them."

    Taliban 5 in Bergdahl trade have plenty of time to rejoin fight in Afghanistan →

  • "If the latter comes first, [which is] a distinct possibility, then the ANSF breaks up, the government fails, and U.S. war aims are lost," he said. "The only meaningful alternative to that scenario is negotiation and settlement. Hence the right way to think about issues like prisoner releases is whether or not they facilitate progress toward settling a war that otherwise won't end anytime soon."

    Taliban 5 in Bergdahl trade have plenty of time to rejoin fight in Afghanistan →

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